About Navrang Dyeing Hub

About Us

Factory has spread over in an area of 700 square meters. It has strong manpower and adequate resources to fulfill the requirement of work.

Monthly Production Capacity

Navrang Dyeing Hub is capable to dye approx 90-100 tons per month cotton yarn, woolen yarn, polyesters etc. We are also working on dyeing process for the sampling of different kind of fabrics as well.

Navrang Dyeing Hub is expert in the sampling of synthetic and polyester fabrics. (i.e. approx 3000 meters per day)

Effluent Treatment Plant

Waste water management is one of the biggest challenge in today's scenario & thus generates requirement of having advanced wastewater treatment plants and above is always used in a dyeing industry for tougher & challenging chemical, organic and inorganic contaminated wastewater effluent with objective to achieve zero liquid discharge and reuse the final treated water.

The ETP at our factory is used to purify the waste water generated by the dyeing unit. The treated water is harmless to use in irrigation.

Dyeing Unit

Plant is well equipped with number of machine of different dyeing capacities likewise cotton yarn cabinet dyeing machines, Fabric dyeing Jiggar machines and Bath Mat dyeing machines etc. We use reactive dyes for dyeing purpose, which can give colour fastness in required range.

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